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General Inquiries

© 2019 by The Reactivitz


"Over the past few years, I have released many tracks and remixes so I thought that it was the right time to start something fresh in order to show my vision of techno. I have decided to start my label Immersion to be able to express all of my ideas and this without limits. At the beginning, the idea was to release my own productions only but as the music I receive is great, I have decided to release tracks from other artists as well", said The Reactivitz.


Immersion can be defined as a "deep mental involvement in something". To learn and to open our mind to the world, everyone has to be immersed in a particular place. Being in Immersion allow the people to live a special experience. Same thing happens with music. People can live a unique music experience with the label as each release tells a story and is different from each other. Thus, Immersion brings something different in the techno scene by standing out with unique music.


Quality better than quantity. At Immersion, we do care about this aspect. Releasing music every weeks is not the right approach as the label needs some time to promote a release properly. This is extremely important to respect this point in order to keep the releases’ exclusivity.

Good music promotion. When a track is not promoted, it remains unnoticed. There is so much music and so many labels out that Immersion is investing a lot in promo and PR to reach the right audience such as iconic techno artists. Indeed, support coming from established DJs allow releases to have the right exposure and to be listened by many people worldwide. Immersion already received great support from Umek, Spektre, Paco Osuna, Sasha Carassi and Markantonio to name a few. To help that, the label is working hard on its image and regularity over the releases.


Opportunity for established and upcoming artists. The doors of the label remain open. Immersion is in a constant search of fresh techno material and new names we have not heard before. Everyone knows that a lot of unknown artists are providing some great tracks but sometimes don't have the chance to be listened. Keep in touch with us for more information.